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The James Bond Roulette Strategy

Shaken not stirred? Excellent way to make a martini, not the ideal way to play a game of roulette. While he's more famous for playing Poker against Hannibal and for playing baccarat if you're a real fan who watched Dr. No, James Bond is also a player of roulette and comes up with a strategy he believes will shave away at the house edge to give him a better chance of victory. Now, the real question here is: does it work? Well… yes and no. Yes, it is a valid system of placing your chips to get a gain, but it's not a flawless way to beat the house. Which you probably worked out since roulette is still played at most casinos. Here's the breakdown thanks to

The basic system requires a fairly healthy bankroll but makes sense mathematically, at least to start. It's what is known as a flat betting system, so it's intended that you bet the same amount each time (or at least, it's bet in the same proportions, but we'll get into that later). The lay out is as follows (if you have a roulette table to hand, it might be easier for the purposes of visualising that we give you an example.

As you can see, you need to place 3 bets and they total up to £20 (we're doing it in £'s because it's James Bond, dollars just seems wrong). So, getting to the maths: by placing £14 on the back half of the wheel, you've covered slightly under 50% of the options available which gives you a great chance of making some money back but unfortunately, your returns are a fair deal lower and if you win you'll only be up by about £8. The second bet of £5 is on a narrower range so you get a better return so if the ball lands anywhere from 13-18, you'll get £10 back for the win. Finally, the £1 on the 0, if you get that you'll be up by £16. So, you're covering about 68% of the board and making a profit on any result that isn't 1-12. Fantastic! You beat the system! Right?

Well, no. The problem is that if you get 1-12, you lose all £20. This is a problem because roulette is still randomised and you could easily find yourself backed into a corner. For example, if the results come out as 17, 35, 5, 9, you get a profit of £10 (woo), £18 (woo!), £-2 (uh-oh), £-22 (arrgh!). While you get a better chance of winning, the game is DESIGNED that this won't break the probability. You could get lucky and never have the ball drop in 1-12 but if it does a few times in a row, you'll soon be down a fair amount of chips. You could offset this with a betting system, going up or down based on wins or losses, but it's not going to stop the inevitable where lady luck decides to cut you off. Still, it's not LESS effective than just betting on one number constantly so why not give it a go? At least you can feel suave while doing it.

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